Let's make your business online...

* No credit cards needed.
* 30 seconds setup for your website.


Speak with your customers online with video/audio calls and get paid with credit cards by putting our widget to your website 30 seconds..

PCONNECT is designed especially for life coaches and other experts who give consultancy.

Double your customers, by reaching them online

Video/Audio calls
Of our clients meet with us with your referals

The secret of having many clients is about being available online for them. Being reachable. Especially on Instagram.

After creating account people can reach you online easily. Copy/paste the links we provide to your Instagram, Linkedin profile so people can reach you whenever they want. By doing this you are available for video/audio call over links we provided. You do not need Skype. Most people do not remember Skype names or passwords. Sometimes they hide because of privacy. On the other hand, people do not want to download new applications if they do not want to use daily. With PConnect you can speak with your customers over links we provide without downloading new applications and extensions.
Just connect easily.

PConnect #1

PConnect #1
PConnect #1

PConnect #1

Take reservations and payments online in 30 seconds.

By using our widget your customer can make the booking. You can get paid with Credit Card (Stripe). After that, you can speak with them old way in your office or remote from video audio calls without any setup by using a web browser or installing our mobile applications from android and ios devices.

Increase your income with customers who live in different cities or different countries.

Be available for them with just one click with pconnect. Remember, small cities do not have high caliber experts like you.

PConnect #1
PConnect #1

Be available for your customers out of working hours.

Communicate with your customers out of working hours or weekends. We all know most of our customers working so they can not come to therapy in working hours, because they have taken permission from their bosses. We all know I am going to therapy in work needs more bravery. You can give an opportunity to them out of working hours.

Support them when needed.

With our Whatsapp like application, you can connect with your customers anytime. This gives them confidence. Their loyalty increases. You can mute these applications if you don't want to disturb.

PConnect #1

What we offer?

Awesome Features

Online Booking System

Take payments with credit cards from your customers

Make Video/audio calls with your customers

Chat with your customers real-time with our Whatsapp like application and never lost connection...

Android, ios application and fully responsive website.

Send push notifications to their android, ios devices or browsers

Create your customer database

7*24 Customer Support

Dashboard for your business to see what is happening in your business

Detailed Reports


Slack, Wordpress, Payment systems (Stripe), and Google calendar more

And many other features.

Numbers increasing every day...

Visual Dashboard For You

You can monitor all the activity and manage all connections with your customers.

PConnect #2

Flexible Plans

Affordable pricing for everyone! We want you to get the best deal!.!

Standart 1
1 expert widget but you can paste this to multiple websites
By pasting your widget on your site, you can make your customers create reservation to you
You can get the payment by credit card
Reservations work in a way integrated with the calendar in your phone. (Google Cal, Apple Cal.)
You can create reservation link for people to access you via internet and other social networks.
Unlimited Video Calls
Unlimited Audio Calls
Unlimited Chat Calls
Email Support

$ 429
$ 199
per month

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